Shipping Information

*Before shipping your instrument, please schedule an appointment and follow the shipping instructions below:

Ship to: ​Brian Logan
                               5012 Glenmeir Court
                             Powell, Ohio  43065

1)  Send your instrument Priority Mail via the US Post Office.   
                2-3 day shipping and most importantly:  REQUIRE SIGNATURE

2) Assure that your instrument is insured during shipping.
                If you do not have Insurance, I will need to purchase it at the PO 
                and this gets costly in both directions.  You could almost insure                 your instrument for an entire year for the same cost.

3)  Pack your flute in a box that has 3-4 inches of padding completely 
                around the entire flute; in all directions.  

4) Send the tracking number so I can keep an eye on your instrument's